Pumas n Purple || OOTD #1

Have I mentioned how excited I am for aw17? The cozy candles, PSLS (the infamous pumpkin spice lattes are back people), jumpers, acceptable lazy days, hot chocolate and all that fun stuff !!

I am just  so so so obsessed with knitted jumpers and coats and not having to fake tan or shave our legs as regularly as the dreaded dress and skirt seasons of summer and spring! Can you guys tell that I'm excited?!
But as I'm still not quite fully ready to take the full plunge into the windy world of autumn , heres another summer->autumn transition outfit that i've been wearing a lot recently. But first, can we just take a moment to appreciate the bell sleeve trend still pulling through into autumn I mean AMEN!! I am so obsessed with this trend this fall and will definetally be purchasing a few other items like this gorgeous jumper which believe it or not i actually bought in tesco?!?! Yes, that was my reaction too, i was innocently on my way to the makeup section in desperate need for a new foundation when i saw this baby and oh my the colour and the sleeves had me on my knees D Y I N G, and the best part : it was only £16. I'm shook ladies and gents , actually speechless. 
Now, lets not deprive my all time favourite signature skinny metallic ombre skinny jeans from zara  (say that ten times and fast) which i paired with my basic white puma baskets which are just super comfy and easy to slip on in the morning after i've over slept and then sang high school musical for a few hours. 

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