Fake Nails; the low down.

Lets talk about nails: All in all, they're a pain. But they're so worth it!!For me, fake nails are both a blessing and a sin. Now don't get me wrong, i LOVE my nails when i have them done - acrylic sculptures to be precice.
They're long, don't chip, strong & look incredible. But get them too long & they will make your life a living hell. Buttoning up shirts takes a painful amount of time, typing becomes your worst nightmare,  don't even try to open a can of pepsi, making a speedy exist from a till? not when you can't pick up your change- coins will hate you, pushing toilet buttons in (the ones that go in the wall) & tight buns or pony tails will be no more - undoing them is the most painful thing in the universe.
So thats the downsides.
The upsides? Cute nails with 0 effort, it doesn't chip, you basically have a comb on you at all times, making  parting is so much easier, pets will love you and you can change up the length and shape of your nails without having to wait for them too grow and then

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  1. These are gorgeous! I've never used fake nails but I think I would like to in time to come, polish just chips so easily...
    Great post <3

    Lauren | Pretty Things & Polka Dots


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