Fifteen, it's not exactly a big milestone in life, let's be honest. It does ,however , mean  I've been around on this earth for 15 years as of today which is quite a scary thought , mind the majority of people reading this are well in their 20s at least, but that's not my point. 
You can do a lot of things in 15 years, go through a lot, meet a lot of people, do a lot of things & have a lot of fun. 

So in celebration of the whole 15 years alive thing my amazing friends & skilful mother, some how, managed to throw me a surprise party... AT STARBUCKS, I know I know I know, I'm such a 'typical white girl', but it was so much fun & it snowed for the first time in like 2 years which was insane!! 
Anyway, here's our attempt at being tumblr , to hopefully a lot more of these celebrating my birth & to possibly becoming a better blogger... And keeping this thing up. 

Thanks for sticking by me these last 2 years & thank you for reading.
What's your favourite  birthday memory? 
Have you ever had a surprise party?