What I wore | Berlin Basics.

Jeans- Zara // Shoes- office // Jumper - Primark // Coat- Michael Kors // Bag- Michael Kors
sassy yellow lanyard// courtesy of the school trip 

Berlin was a dream, but packing light meant basic packing meaning everything matched and pretty much everyday became my monochrome Monday. My go's to for the week tended to be Vests , Jumpers , Jeans and my oh-so-typical Adidas superstars and grey high top converse- i mean, i did warn you it was basic.
On the one day where I actually remembered to take photos I had a bit of spice in my outfit with a dusty blush-ish kind of pink Turtle neck jumper which channelled my inner autumn vibes.
I also feel like we need to take a moment and talk about the colour of these trees because yes please!!!

p.s. Mocks are over and sixth form applications are in so I'm back WOOOO, you didn't think you could get rid of me that easily did you? 


London dreams.

Last weekend, my dad and i embarked on the 3 hour journey from Lancashire to London to meet up with Dan and mum to celebrate Dan's 21st.
If you've been following me for a while now, you will more than likely know that i LOVE London, its culture and its diversity amazes me more and more each time i visit and maybe one day, i'll be posting from my very own place in London, possibly in the dormitorys at lcf, but we'll have to see how that all pans out.
On Saturday we explored Camden and relished in the alternative atmosphere, watched some crazy talent i covent garden, and of course invested in some serious retail therapy (kiko had a sale how could i not?).
We also visited our favourite takeaway in china town and ate our favourite dumplings on the way to the theatre, shortly before having my heart town to pieces by Les mis, empty chairs at empty tables got me all emotional.
On the Sunday we had a cheeky sharing platter at the hard rock cafe,  hired bikes around Hyde park and even visited the queen for a pit stop, i don't think she was in though because she didn't come to say hi.

p.s. woah i actually posted for once #crazy


Flawless Palette- Makeup Revolution, review

On a recent trip to superdrug- a shop which almost always lures me & steals my money- i came across the Makeup revolution 32 pan palette, I've seen these around for quite a while now but have never gotten around to buying one as i would always get drawn away by lipstick other things.

This palette comes in this gorgeous rose gold box and then a sleek black palette. The shadows come in a mix of finishes, matte & sparkley. 
The pigment isn't too strong, but for the price they're pretty good. The shades have a huge variety which I think would be good for holidays as you can mix up your makeup everyday without taking numerous palettes. 
The mirror is better than the ones in the naked palette I I'm being honest as its huge! And makes the whole smokey eye struggle a lot easier. 
If your just starting or a lover of makeup then defiantly pick up one of these makeup revolution palettes as they are a bargain, and mine will defiantly be doing some travelling this year!! 

What's your faverouite drugstore palette? 


Fake Nails; the low down.

Lets talk about nails: All in all, they're a pain. But they're so worth it!!For me, fake nails are both a blessing and a sin. Now don't get me wrong, i LOVE my nails when i have them done - acrylic sculptures to be precice.
They're long, don't chip, strong & look incredible. But get them too long & they will make your life a living hell. Buttoning up shirts takes a painful amount of time, typing becomes your worst nightmare,  don't even try to open a can of pepsi, making a speedy exist from a till? not when you can't pick up your change- coins will hate you, pushing toilet buttons in (the ones that go in the wall) & tight buns or pony tails will be no more - undoing them is the most painful thing in the universe.
So thats the downsides.
The upsides? Cute nails with 0 effort, it doesn't chip, you basically have a comb on you at all times, making  parting is so much easier, pets will love you and you can change up the length and shape of your nails without having to wait for them too grow and then




Fifteen, it's not exactly a big milestone in life, let's be honest. It does ,however , mean  I've been around on this earth for 15 years as of today which is quite a scary thought , mind the majority of people reading this are well in their 20s at least, but that's not my point. 
You can do a lot of things in 15 years, go through a lot, meet a lot of people, do a lot of things & have a lot of fun. 

So in celebration of the whole 15 years alive thing my amazing friends & skilful mother, some how, managed to throw me a surprise party... AT STARBUCKS, I know I know I know, I'm such a 'typical white girl', but it was so much fun & it snowed for the first time in like 2 years which was insane!! 
Anyway, here's our attempt at being tumblr , to hopefully a lot more of these celebrating my birth & to possibly becoming a better blogger... And keeping this thing up. 

Thanks for sticking by me these last 2 years & thank you for reading.
What's your favourite  birthday memory? 
Have you ever had a surprise party?