An Unedited post | From here on out.♡

This post is not a promise, nor is it an apology. I've been on & off blogging for almost a year now & i really do wish i could keep up to date with things like this. But there aren't enough hours in a day or days for a week or weeks in a year.
 So i'm not going to apologise for not following up on my summer bucket list & not updating this blog, or for forgetting about this little space of internet for the few months after summer.
Life been crazy recently. Coursework deadlines. A new school year. School itself. Social events. Everything has been crazy recently, and I'm not saying its all calming down so i can devote more time to this blog. But over the past few months, i've changed a lot- and not in the way that i have dyed my hair (even though i have) but i have changed my style and inspirations.
I no longer obsess over makeup but spend my spare times designing and making garments & one off pieces of clothing and i ever get round to finishing designing my collections i'll post them but again, theres only so many hours in a day and life won't wait or pause or stop.
This blog was set up to always be a blog about me. Not fashion , beauty or even lifestyle type posts. I didn't want to categorise this blog. And whilst it might be about me and my life, its not necessary what i would class as lifestyle. This blog is me. And from here on out i'm going to stick to that.
This blog is Jennifer Higgins, a loud 14 year old from a small town who spends her spare time on tumblr & reading & watching netflix.

So this post isn't a goodbye to this blog.
Its a goodbye to the old blog.
And a hello to the new Ever Weird. If you don't like the new ever weird then feel free to unfollow and stop reading i won't be offended. But give this one a shot.

I can't promise consistent posts, but i can promise me & heart & soul in all my posts.
And as cheesy as that sounds its the truth, from here on out this blog will be 100% me, and i urge you to do the same with your content. Don't follow the social rules of what kind of posts you should write or how you should write them and the content you read, make it you and follow your heart. I'm not writing this to be the next zoella or sprinkle of glitter. Whilst i respect those two girls and everything they have achieved i never expect any one to read these posts and whilst it may be a small amount to most, i never expected this blog to get 300+ view everyday even when i wasn't posting and because of that it made me feel as if the content i released had to fit a certain guide line and be filled with certain content that just wasn't me.
So i'll see you all next time i post.