May favourites // Meeting Connor Franta ♡

So yes its been a while, but hey I'm back!!!
I've been very very busy recently, with all the stuff that comes with approaching the end of your first year of Gcse's and finalising my decision on top of rehearsals for Little shop of horrors in which i will be in with my school at our local theatre, its all been a little bit hectic.
So here if you will i present you all with my May favourites.
If you follow me on twitter or instagram ( links at the side :p) you will know i went to a thing recently. This has made my year. And yep you'll most all know that I Jennifer Laura Higgins MET CONNOR FRANTA!!!!!!!!
I'm still in shock. However, alike at least 50 people in the arndale centre you won't have a clue who Connor Franta is. I cannot count the amount of times me and my friends had to explain that he was a youtuber, and yes people can make money of youtube, and yes he makes videos about his life and we watch them religiously, and yes all 300 queueing here are here to see him. It was amazing. Here's how it went : A brief description i wrote around 30 minutes after meeting him- (unedited) 
He was genuinely so sweet like I only had 20 seconds with him but he was like 'hey how's life' giggling to himself being all cute and I was like just shaking stunned and then I went 'c.c.connor!?' And he look at me sideways an looked at me and went 'yeah' and smiled really cutely and I went 'are are you real' and he was like 'yeah feel' and pulled me in for a hug and went 'can you smell me' laughing and I was shaking so he hugged me tighter and he smelt so good and he was so cute and small and his teeth were REALLY white and straight. it was perfect.
P.s. i know the pictures are blurred my friend was being pushed out of the way by security.

 Okay *calms self down again* back to blogger mode ( i don't know if that's a thing or... but i like it so if its not, i just made it one.) Another thing i have been loving this month is Rufus, I can't remember if I've already shared this with you all but after buying my fake penny board ( Evie) i decided i wanted a real one so, whilst in London i hopped my self onto the underground and bought my self a real one. AND ITS SO MUCH BETTER! If you want a penny board comparison / Q & A type thing let me know via twitter or the comments below :) 

3RD FAVE is obviously the sun. Big up to Britain for finally realising what the term 'summer' means. Cant thank you enough Mr sunshine. Loving you a lot this month.
 Here's a awful picture that I'm sure my dad will hate me for of us missing the sun as the weather promised to be sunny but turned out Lake Coniston in about 10'c weather leaves you LITERALLY BLUE!

And last but not least are these Grey converse i am wearing, they are really comfortable and were only like £10 as the rest of the price was covered by vouchers i won at school for being a perfectly well behaved student - hard to believe right ?

Also - sidenote- HAS ANYONE SEEN THE PREVIEWS OF THE DISNEY AND VANS COLLABORATION?!?! I'm already saving up. so be prepared for reviews of lots of that !

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