Victoria secret fragrance mist.

Whilst in the Trafford centre on Saturday, i happened to pop into Victoria Secret's to see what all the fuss about their sprays was about...
I left with 3 sprays and 2 body washes (it was 5 for £30 i couldn't help myself!).
The 3 sprays i picked up are Escape , Paradise and Beach. I love the packaging on them, how they all have cute little backgrounds that match the colour of the spray; the spray lid is adorable ,glittery gold, and i love the shape of the bottle as it has really good grip as apposed to Hollister body sprays and boots' range.
The mists all have Aloe Vera in them that allows you to smell amazing but have your skin being conditioned at the same time!
Escape is 'Dragon fruit & amber' but to me it smells a little bit like fresh flower, it just reminds me of summer. Out of all three, this one has to be my favourite as it just reminds me of so many memories ( cheesy and unbelievable right?) of summer. It is also my favourite packaging out of the three.
Beach smells exactly like its name, The Beach! its described to be scened with 'cactus blooms & sea salt'. At first, i thought the scent would be very strong and over powering, but i think its just right!
Paradise is described as 'coconut water & star fruit'. The only way i can describe this scent is a tropical island in the blazing hot sun ( Paradise!).

As you can tell i went for very summer-y styled scents as it is approaching summer and i just think summer scents are amazing.

Have you tried any of the Victoria Secret's Mists?
Let me know in the comments below


  1. Love these x

  2. Really like the sound of Paradise and Escape! Great blog by the way
    Chloe x


  3. Oh gosh these look beautiful! Love the sound of Escape!
    Rebecca || Rebecca Marie: UK Lifestyle Blog xxx

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