Burberry Kisses*

Recently, i was lucky enough to receive two samples of Burberrys new lipsticks entitled 'Burberry Kisses' from Burberry. The shades i received are Nude beige (No'1) and Sepia (No'85). The lipsticks come in really cute sliver mirror type packaging. Whilst the packaging does look nice, i do find it gets very mucky very quickly as fingerprints are visible on them; the packaging is also very slippery so at first i did find it slipping out of my fingers whilst trying to apply it.

The lipstick itself is incredible amazing. The colours are so build able so you can have it as strong as you like it, making it that little bit more personal to you. It says on the lips for around 2 hours without being topped up, which if your going out for a meal is fantastic! It is very moisturising on my lips and  has a slight shine that ,unlike lip gloss, does not cause your hair to stick to your lips!

The shade nude is different to most nudes as it has a tiny amount of pink in it which ,i think, makes it nicer than most nude lipsticks. The shade sepia is my favourite out of the two as it is a really nice mahogany shade and a lot different to the ones i have seen in high street shops.

At £25 a pop, they are quite expensive but are defiantly worth it as they will last you a very very long time.

Whats your opinion on the new Burberry Kisses?
Let me know in the comments below.


  1. These lipsticks look gorgeous! I love the one with the pinky tone, and the packaging is so classy. :)
    Love your blog, you've got a follow from me!


  2. The lipsticks looks good! And im pretty sure that it will also look good on you xx

    - http://thedauntlessgirl.blogspot.com/

  3. Wow they look stunning! If only they weren't so expensive I 'd buy them in no time! Great blog post! :)


  4. Oooo these look soooo pretty! And for 25 for a designer lipstick! Not bad me says ;) great review!! Xxx

    Anisha ♡ allyouneedisredlipstick.com


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