An Unedited post | From here on out.♡

This post is not a promise, nor is it an apology. I've been on & off blogging for almost a year now & i really do wish i could keep up to date with things like this. But there aren't enough hours in a day or days for a week or weeks in a year.
 So i'm not going to apologise for not following up on my summer bucket list & not updating this blog, or for forgetting about this little space of internet for the few months after summer.
Life been crazy recently. Coursework deadlines. A new school year. School itself. Social events. Everything has been crazy recently, and I'm not saying its all calming down so i can devote more time to this blog. But over the past few months, i've changed a lot- and not in the way that i have dyed my hair (even though i have) but i have changed my style and inspirations.
I no longer obsess over makeup but spend my spare times designing and making garments & one off pieces of clothing and i ever get round to finishing designing my collections i'll post them but again, theres only so many hours in a day and life won't wait or pause or stop.
This blog was set up to always be a blog about me. Not fashion , beauty or even lifestyle type posts. I didn't want to categorise this blog. And whilst it might be about me and my life, its not necessary what i would class as lifestyle. This blog is me. And from here on out i'm going to stick to that.
This blog is Jennifer Higgins, a loud 14 year old from a small town who spends her spare time on tumblr & reading & watching netflix.

So this post isn't a goodbye to this blog.
Its a goodbye to the old blog.
And a hello to the new Ever Weird. If you don't like the new ever weird then feel free to unfollow and stop reading i won't be offended. But give this one a shot.

I can't promise consistent posts, but i can promise me & heart & soul in all my posts.
And as cheesy as that sounds its the truth, from here on out this blog will be 100% me, and i urge you to do the same with your content. Don't follow the social rules of what kind of posts you should write or how you should write them and the content you read, make it you and follow your heart. I'm not writing this to be the next zoella or sprinkle of glitter. Whilst i respect those two girls and everything they have achieved i never expect any one to read these posts and whilst it may be a small amount to most, i never expected this blog to get 300+ view everyday even when i wasn't posting and because of that it made me feel as if the content i released had to fit a certain guide line and be filled with certain content that just wasn't me.
So i'll see you all next time i post.


My Summer bucket list ♡

The past few months have been a whirlwind at my school - being a prefect, house captain , student council rep & exam taker was a lot to handle as a year nine in the last few weeks of school. It's fair to say though my work payed off as I managed to achieve the only goal I set myself for the start of year 10 - to land myself into set 1 English. I'd like to say the same for maths but unfortunately I managed to nail myself right in the middle of upper band (exams that take you to a*) and got set 3/10... All my friends are either in set 1 of 6. So I have quite a lot of work to do this year if I want to catch up with them (with maths being my weakest point I'm going to need all the revision guides in the world).

During the last few weeks I took a cute trip to the zoo with some of my year group for a day my school all get together and do 'fun' things. Lucky for me I actually got to do a fun thing unlike the previous year when I got stuck doing a collage of the word 'belive' for 5 hours &i also said goodbye to a few pretty amazing people that have been on a very roller coaster inspired 3 years - my performing arts teacher who was one of those teachers you go to about anything in the world , my form tutor who put up with me every morning for the past 3 years ( despite his attempts to get me to do things like mentoring he was one of the best going) & kayley a friend who a few of you  remember from when she blogged we had a crazy experience together we went from friends to hating each other so often we ended up forgetting why we fell out. 

But enough of the life updates. Here's my summer bucket list for this year ( I made this a while ago and I've ready completed some of them but let's pretend you don't know that ).There might be a post about my summer in a few weeks *winks terribly* -

  •  Go camping with friends - even if it's just in my garden it's a great way to make new memories with the people who mean most before we all get lost in the stress of year 10 that is inevitably on its way *shudders*
  • Go to a fair at night - does this need explaining really? Like can you imagine the Instagram potential?
  •  Read more - I used to read all the time but school and all my commitments got the better of me and left me with no spare time. Summers my perfect opportunity to get reading again, if you have any suggestions of good books leave it in the comments below and I'll check them out :) 
  • Go to the great ecc show- it's a tradition is my friendship group to go and it's so much fun. I actually went like 2 weeks ago and I love it so so so much ahhhh!
  • Do more of what I love- for me this is photography, I love capturing moments that will bring back memories to life, and being able to see the most intricate details of life.
  • Try and stay on the same theme for instagram and not change it every other week (its safe to say this one is going quite well at the moment).

What do you love? 

What are your goals for the summer?

 Let me know! 


The bag ♡

Everywhere I go, it follows- alike a lost puppy if you will. It's become a part of me. It's constantly dirty and one of the straps has broken ( don't trap your bag in a car door, it will break ). But I love it. And I use it everyday. Literally.

I originally bought this bag in October 2014 and instantly fell in love with it. I'd wanted a vans rucksack (or backpack - whatever you want to call it) for a few months, but at £30 for a rucksack  it was a bit out of my price range. I was only 13 okay? 

Anyway, my mum tried to convince me to wait for my brother to come home from university so I could use his student discount but I had waited so long and I had finally found the one I like, with my local vans shop being a 2 hour drive from me I didn't really fancy:
 a) waiting for my brother 
b) the possibility of turning up and it not being there 
c) ording it online and having it flat packed because I cannot stand that for some reason. I JUST DON'T LIKE IT!
Anyway back to the point, after having a debate with my mum over it and telling her I would pay for t all if I could just buy it now I made a joke about it to one of the sales assistants who then at the till had over heard mine and mother dearest little debate and decided he would give me the discount anyway! I was over the moon. 
Since getting the bag, I have become more and more in love with it and don't leave the house without it! I've even attacked it with all time low badges that i got in HMV a few weeks ago. It genuinely couldn't be more perfect - ATL, comfy , purple & black.

So for £30 I recommend EVERYONE to go and buy a vans bag as they are literally the comfiest, lightest, nicest shaped & best quality rucksack EVER. I can't find my exact bag and colour online but you can get tonnes of different colours and styles at vans and online - THEY EVEN HAVE A NEW DISNEY RANGE! The grey mickey mouse one is killing me, i need it so bad you have no idea :")
p.s this wasn't sponsored but i am literally so obsessed with this bag so i think you should all grab yourself one!


A work in progress- My Initital Thoughts ♡

i'm naming this my initial thoughts due to the fact that as i sit here composing this little post i am in the secluded environment of nature, the great outdoors if you will... But on the decking of my caravan. But hey, its still in the lake district therefor it is outside in the 'great outdoors', no?

Anyway, back to the point- Initial thoughts. I began the book A work in progress at 3pm on may 29th. I sit here writing this post at 6:14pm on may 29th. I finished the memoir A work in progress by Connor Franta on this same day at 6:01, exactly 13 minutes prior to be infusing my thoughts into real typed words and sentences , putting them into structure i.e this post.

I know what you may be thinking. 'Jenny your obsessed! Your only saying all of this because you met him and you love him and blah blah blah...' Which of course is true. I did, and i cried and shook and asked him if he was real. Which in fact he was as i felt in the best hug i had ever received. Yes Connor Franta is the worlds best hugger.
I read this book sat in a secluded forest all alone on top of a children's play tree house, sounds creepy i know but i promise it wasn't like that
It was peaceful. a warm summers afternoon with a beautifully written book and the song of the summers wind to keep me occupied.
I don't wish to call This piece of work a book, because i believe it is much more than that, its just disguised as book. It holds the uppermost thoughts & feelings that most can relate to, yet are too afraid to share. It discusses various heart warming topic such as family and childhood but it speaks about anxiety and what its really like to be a teenager in this generation , crying yourself to sleep some nights because of the way, not how others perceive you, but the way you yourself perceive yourself. 
Did i say yourself too much then?  
Oh well.
It explains how you can see the world differently and begin to accept and acknowledge the beauty that truly surrounds us. 
Its not just a memoir, its a piece of writing that has opened my eyes to envision the world around me in a clearer way.
My first thoughts when looking at this book was the presentation. Its Connor on paper, so artist and different , not afraid to be unique, its artistic and beautiful, not just by the layout, the font , the use of newspaper trimmings and Polaroid images that show the beauty. 
Its the words, the way its written. You know when you pick up a book and no matter how good the plot is unless its written a certain way you don't really connect. Its written in a way in which is undesirable. its as if your talking to him. its friendly yet sophisticated. True , yet professional. Relatable and understandable.
This book brought me to tears several times; once due to pride of everything he has achieved as not only a person but also in helping me as a person seeing the world at a different angle due to his words, it brought me to tears due to the fondness he shows through it , he brought me to tears of laughter, he brought me to tears for feeling sorry for aspects his past, and then laughing at the things he did in childhood. But i think the first one is most important. Pride, he has done so much at 21. Its an inspiring story, from saving lives, literally, to fights with his siblings. The fact he does not take one bit take his fame for granted and stays so cool and collected without going down the road of drugs and depression alike some other known names in this day and age.
 He is happy, and the message all the way through this book shows he wants the same for everyone else. 
The best chapter from my perspective was 'The long road to me' . I'm not going to say why as i feel it would ruin the experience.
I shall leave you with this quote from earlier in the memoir a work in progress By Connor Franta  -

'the future is both unknown and unseen - you're trying to control the invisible.'


May favourites // Meeting Connor Franta ♡

So yes its been a while, but hey I'm back!!!
I've been very very busy recently, with all the stuff that comes with approaching the end of your first year of Gcse's and finalising my decision on top of rehearsals for Little shop of horrors in which i will be in with my school at our local theatre, its all been a little bit hectic.
So here if you will i present you all with my May favourites.
If you follow me on twitter or instagram ( links at the side :p) you will know i went to a thing recently. This has made my year. And yep you'll most all know that I Jennifer Laura Higgins MET CONNOR FRANTA!!!!!!!!
I'm still in shock. However, alike at least 50 people in the arndale centre you won't have a clue who Connor Franta is. I cannot count the amount of times me and my friends had to explain that he was a youtuber, and yes people can make money of youtube, and yes he makes videos about his life and we watch them religiously, and yes all 300 queueing here are here to see him. It was amazing. Here's how it went : A brief description i wrote around 30 minutes after meeting him- (unedited) 
He was genuinely so sweet like I only had 20 seconds with him but he was like 'hey how's life' giggling to himself being all cute and I was like just shaking stunned and then I went 'c.c.connor!?' And he look at me sideways an looked at me and went 'yeah' and smiled really cutely and I went 'are are you real' and he was like 'yeah feel' and pulled me in for a hug and went 'can you smell me' laughing and I was shaking so he hugged me tighter and he smelt so good and he was so cute and small and his teeth were REALLY white and straight. it was perfect.
P.s. i know the pictures are blurred my friend was being pushed out of the way by security.

 Okay *calms self down again* back to blogger mode ( i don't know if that's a thing or... but i like it so if its not, i just made it one.) Another thing i have been loving this month is Rufus, I can't remember if I've already shared this with you all but after buying my fake penny board ( Evie) i decided i wanted a real one so, whilst in London i hopped my self onto the underground and bought my self a real one. AND ITS SO MUCH BETTER! If you want a penny board comparison / Q & A type thing let me know via twitter or the comments below :) 

3RD FAVE is obviously the sun. Big up to Britain for finally realising what the term 'summer' means. Cant thank you enough Mr sunshine. Loving you a lot this month.
 Here's a awful picture that I'm sure my dad will hate me for of us missing the sun as the weather promised to be sunny but turned out Lake Coniston in about 10'c weather leaves you LITERALLY BLUE!

And last but not least are these Grey converse i am wearing, they are really comfortable and were only like £10 as the rest of the price was covered by vouchers i won at school for being a perfectly well behaved student - hard to believe right ?

Also - sidenote- HAS ANYONE SEEN THE PREVIEWS OF THE DISNEY AND VANS COLLABORATION?!?! I'm already saving up. so be prepared for reviews of lots of that !


Hair Care Tips & Tricks #1

Hey guys, so today I'm going to be telling you how to keep your hair healthy and also some tips on how to grow it. I'm also thinking about making this a series??
Okay so lets face it, we've all tried to grow our hair out like Rapunzel, or the typical tumblr girl and cut it all off half way through as it seems pretty much impossible! When i was around 8 up until the age of 12 i had an extremely short bob cut, we are talking earlobe length, and ever since I've been trying to grow it out. I've literally tried everything that didn't involve taking crazy pills! So here's the best things I've used that have actually worked and helped me grow my bob out to bra strap length (around 9 inches in 2 and a half years, which for the rate my hair grows at is a miracle in itself!).

1. Patience, hair takes a very very very long time to grow. Theres no magic remedy to get you healthy shiny long locks over night, or in a month for that matter! if you quit half way through and cut it all off, your not going to accomplish anything. When growing your hair, patience is your best friend.

2. Get your hair healthy! When your hair is damaged, not only will it take ages to grow, it will look bad and you will have to cut it short in order to get it healthy!

3.Make sure you aren't over-washing your hair, over washing your hair can lead to your hair being damaged. Wash your hair around every 3 days, if you (like me) have curly hair you can usually get away with your hair not having to be washed for 5-6 days.

5. Reduce or stop using heat on your hair! find other ways to style it, try a messy bun, a fishtail braid etc.. Using heat damages your hair. In fact, I've not used a hair dryer in 8 weeks and have only straightened it once in the past 7 weeks!

6. Try not to put your hair in tight pony tails or high up hairstyles as it will cause your hair to break and not want to grow.

7. Experiment with different shampoos and hair products as sometimes the reason your hair isn't growing is because it isn't being washed with things that suit it. For example, if you share shampoo with house mates or a family member, remember that everyone has different hair types and if you have dry hair and are using products for oily hair, its just going to get dryer!

I haven't included all my tips as I'm considering making this an on going series, what do you think?
Have you got long hair?
What do you do to keep your hair healthy?

I hope you liked this post, as its a bit different to my usual stuff, but I'm always trying to get good tips so i thought i'd share mine with you all!!!



photography by Neil Higgins  (dad) send him a tweet it will make his week))

a strong desire to travel.'

There's something about the cultures, the time zones, the beauty and the idea of escaping that consumes my mind each and everyday. The ability to wake up in a different setting each and everyday, living within your own novel in which you are the protagonist, writing the story for yourself. 
And this feeling, the one we call wanderlust, has the ability to create endless short stories in which we document through our pictures, through our blog's and through our memories.
I'm still discovering corners of beauty in my home town, the infinite beauty of the world surrounds us, you just have to look a little harder. Every insect, flower, person, building and even clothing has its own story's to tell of how it came to be and the events it has witnessed. I envy the bird ,however, they have the ability to take off whenever they want and explore the world to as far as it can fly, battling obstacles upon its journey, fighting the wind and searching for food. It all just seems so exciting and scary. Yet it seems to be a fantasy the birds take for granted.
though, I'm sure if you asked one, they'd more than likely trade a roof for a bed when it comes to sleep.
However, with everything considered i still have this yearning impulse to grab a map, have a mini game of pin the tail on the donkey with it, and spontaneously visit and emerge my self in the culture and people of a place. To pack the bare essentials and fly place to place, with nothing stopping you or pulling you down. To create stories to tell for years to come, to make new friends and learn so much .

Alas, i am 14. Thus, there is 6 things preventing my epic desire to travel-

1. As i have said i am 14
2. Meaning i have to stay in education 
3. Meaning i have to go to school 
4. Meaning i don't have a job 
5. Meaning i don't have money 
6. Meaning i cannot afford, or legally purse my wanderlust.

Not yet anyway.
So here's to the future, to following your dreams. Not everything must be a simple fraction of your imagination, if you want it- make it happen.

What i'm wearing in the picture at the start of the post-
Jumper - Brandy Melville
Black skinny Jeans- Primark
Bag - Vans
Glasses - Calvin Klien Jeans via Vision express.

Have you ever travelled?
Whats your biggest ambition? 


Victoria secret fragrance mist.

Whilst in the Trafford centre on Saturday, i happened to pop into Victoria Secret's to see what all the fuss about their sprays was about...
I left with 3 sprays and 2 body washes (it was 5 for £30 i couldn't help myself!).
The 3 sprays i picked up are Escape , Paradise and Beach. I love the packaging on them, how they all have cute little backgrounds that match the colour of the spray; the spray lid is adorable ,glittery gold, and i love the shape of the bottle as it has really good grip as apposed to Hollister body sprays and boots' range.
The mists all have Aloe Vera in them that allows you to smell amazing but have your skin being conditioned at the same time!
Escape is 'Dragon fruit & amber' but to me it smells a little bit like fresh flower, it just reminds me of summer. Out of all three, this one has to be my favourite as it just reminds me of so many memories ( cheesy and unbelievable right?) of summer. It is also my favourite packaging out of the three.
Beach smells exactly like its name, The Beach! its described to be scened with 'cactus blooms & sea salt'. At first, i thought the scent would be very strong and over powering, but i think its just right!
Paradise is described as 'coconut water & star fruit'. The only way i can describe this scent is a tropical island in the blazing hot sun ( Paradise!).

As you can tell i went for very summer-y styled scents as it is approaching summer and i just think summer scents are amazing.

Have you tried any of the Victoria Secret's Mists?
Let me know in the comments below


Burberry Kisses*

Recently, i was lucky enough to receive two samples of Burberrys new lipsticks entitled 'Burberry Kisses' from Burberry. The shades i received are Nude beige (No'1) and Sepia (No'85). The lipsticks come in really cute sliver mirror type packaging. Whilst the packaging does look nice, i do find it gets very mucky very quickly as fingerprints are visible on them; the packaging is also very slippery so at first i did find it slipping out of my fingers whilst trying to apply it.

The lipstick itself is incredible amazing. The colours are so build able so you can have it as strong as you like it, making it that little bit more personal to you. It says on the lips for around 2 hours without being topped up, which if your going out for a meal is fantastic! It is very moisturising on my lips and  has a slight shine that ,unlike lip gloss, does not cause your hair to stick to your lips!

The shade nude is different to most nudes as it has a tiny amount of pink in it which ,i think, makes it nicer than most nude lipsticks. The shade sepia is my favourite out of the two as it is a really nice mahogany shade and a lot different to the ones i have seen in high street shops.

At £25 a pop, they are quite expensive but are defiantly worth it as they will last you a very very long time.

Whats your opinion on the new Burberry Kisses?
Let me know in the comments below.


Happy Sundays.

Sundays are the day when all the shops shut, when most people slow down and just relax, a time to lie in bed until its time for Sunday lunch, Yorkshire puddings and gravy - i can hear my stomach rumbling already.
 Theres something great about being able to not worry where you have to be a day to be leisurely in the comfort of your own home, or go get a coffee with your friends, wash your car, go on an adventure with yourself , pick up your camera , do all the things you never have to or can be bothered to do in the week. For me Sundays are about good food, netflix, spotify , a lil' bit of photography and weather dependent penny boarding.

What are your Sundays all about?


The Playlist of my Life (so far).

mother and i obviously looking FANTASTIC at a festival ( Carfest) last year.
Whilst attempting to revise Macbeth for an English exam, I found myself once again attempting to create 'the perfect playlist'- or just procrastinating, which ever way you want to put it.

Whilst making the playlist on my beloved spotify, I saw myself once again adding all the songs from being little! This made me realise how important music is to my life, so here's a selection of songs that I first heard when I was 6 up to Songs I heard this week.

1- 'Be our guest' from Beauty and the Beast. This song has and will always be my favourite ever Disney song. I can't listen to it without smiling, the song brings all of the magic from Disney films to life and it just reminds me of all my adventures with my family in Disney land. 

2- 'I need a house' by same difference. same difference Were my life, I even got tickets to their concert when I was around 8 for my birthday present , but they unfortunately cancelled the tour. :(

3- 'We're all in this together' from High school musical. High school musical was the frozen of my generation. Once a wildcat, always a wildcat. I mean whats not to love, Zac Efron AND Vanessa Hudgens.
See ^ wildcat.

4- (Another Disney channel film song I know ) 'We rock' from Camp Rock. After Camp Rock i seemingly decided I was going to marry nick Jonas when I was older. Still find him insanely attractive if I'm being honest.

5- 'Wake me up when September ends' by Green day. The album this song is from 'American idiot' was played on repeat by me and my brother for around 2 years straight and we still listen to It in the car whenever Dan is home from uni. 

6- 'She's so lovely' by Scouting for girls. The amount of times I have seen this song live is insane. I just love scouting for girls and They bring back so many memories from summer at a festival where me and my family saw them live.

7-  ' Five colours' by Mcfly. Mcfly, I mean who hasn't ever loved Mcfly.

8- 'Wherever you are ' by 5 seconds of Summer. I've loved this band for over 3 years and I cannot listen to this song without crying because it's just so beautiful, and I'm so proud of everything they have achieved

9- 'Old man' by Billy Lockett . I don't know why I just really love this song, if you haven't heard of billy locket you need to go have a listen to him on spotify because he is absolutely fantastic.

10- '7 things' by Miley Cyrus. Miley was my icon from around the age of 7 till the age of 12 and I still love her music to this day. 

- Jenny 


2015 so far...

Hey its been a while.
So Since I've been gone *sings Kelly Clarkson*, a few things in my life have changed quite a bit.
I picked my GCSE's,  which sounds simple to most , but me being me I insisted on checking the university courses I want to take in 4 years time to decided whether I needed to take specific GCSE's in order to do so. Anyway after much deliberation, I have decided to take; Core Science , English language & literature , Maths, Textiles , Preforming arts , History and Religious studies.

Also ,I got glasses, after taking a eye sight test I was told they were needed and I'm so glad I did - My world is in HD.  However, Do you know how hard it is to choose a glasses frame ? It took me about 4 hours in total and two trips to the opticians! In the end I went for a tortoise shell RayBan shaped frame, and I must admit I sort of love them.

I also got really into photography, I just love the fact and idea that with one click you can capture a moment and make it look like the most beautiful thing in the world. Its the way how through one zoom ( on a fairly good camera) you can see all the details we cannot usually see on things we usually take for an ordinary thing.
some pretty flowers found in the lake district on a rainy english day. 

Oh, and i took up Penny Boarding. in winter , i know its crazy. seeing as actual penny boards are like £100 i decided to buy a cheaper alternative for £14 on eBay so i could learn on it and decide if i liked it before splashing the cash and going for a real one. I bought it here, its white with black wheels, of course being the 'cool' Tumblr girl wannabe i am , i drew the yin and yang symbol - in which i try to live my life by the whole 'Good vibes , peace and happiness' thing I've mentioned in my last few posts, also the fact it looks pretty awesome if i'm being honest. I really do love my penny board and don't be afraid to try it if your worried, i've not yet *touches wood* hurt my self on it. Don't be afrad to try new things and face some fears every once in a while. apart from spiders , stay away from them. creepy as.

Moral of the post - Hi I'm back and wanted to post.
Have you started any new hobbies recently/ this year ? let me know in the comments below as id be really interested to find out!

Lots of love,