A Ramble.

365 days.
Thats one year.
Around 8765 hours.
525949 minuites.
And no time to waste.
in the past few months i have come to realise that life is about grabbing the Bull by the horns, or unicorn by the horn if you like, and taking chances , risks, enjoying every moment.

 You have one life to live. Make the most of it. Don't be the Girl/Guy thats sits there in 20 years time and regrets not doing something, being too lazy at school or spending too much time on school work and no time on focusing on being you.

After my last blog post Just Jenny, i've been being more me. Making more friends and focusing on the little things in life, for example Autumn. You never take time to notice how the leaves fall in groups so elegantly and beautifully, or how conkers sit and wait ever so patiently for a kid to pick it up and experiment with the different ways to make it the single handedly most indestructible thing ever. Nature is such a beautiful thing when you look at it closely and i can't help but feel upset for the poor thing when i realise that young people my age care more about their looks and how many likes they get on instagram than nature and its beauty. We care more about how we look at school due to our self conscious minds that have been brain washed by makeup companies , celebrity and the people around us that to be pretty we have to wear makeup. I'm not saying that that fact is going to make me or anyone else for that matter stop wearing makeup because its a fun thing to do, its like painting only with your face, i'm just trying to say that its sad. Our grandmas would have been killed for wearing some of the stuff people our age wear now a days and its the fact that these types of clothes on young people are being considered sociably acceptable that worries me.

If you follow me on twitter then you'll of come to realise i'm utterly and completely indulged in the world of bands and music at the moment ,alike the majority of other 13 year old girls, but being in love with them isn't all about seeing their concerts , buying their music or wanting to marry them. Its about that passion you find in fingerling and falling in love with them that just overwhelms you and makes you feel like there is nothing better in the world then being with people or tweeting people that love that music and them as much as you do.

In this post I'm not saying by any means there is anything wrong with my generation or that anything should change with my generation I'm just trying to say that things have in fact changed an insane amount over the past and this post was simply written today as i realised that young people are massive time wasters and that we SHOULD be going out instead of sitting at home on our computers but thats not how society works in this day and age. This post was just an brainwash i had. A thought that passed through my mind, this post isn't going to change me or anyone in this generation we are happy and to me grabbing the unicorn by its horn is just being happy. 

Love , Jenny.