Just Jenny.

Hey daydreamers.
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I'm back after a very long time.
Have i been busy ? 
Was i Ill ?
Did i want to stop blogging ?
I was having a long hard think.
At the moment there is nobody who i 'hate' or have fallen out with .
My school life is currently as awesome as school can get, everyones all smiley and happen and it appears that this may finally be the start of a happy time at school (touch wood) with everyone growing out of the whole lets all take the mickey out of the girl with the weird eyes who talks too much stage.
My home life is awesome .
My whole life is awesome.
My life as Jenny Higgins is awesome. 
These past few months i have grown closer to people who i didn't even know existed last year but can make me incredibly happy.
One of these people being Gemma, Talking to Gemma and meeting her in person every week seems have to made me realise that i'm not being me in my blog.
So I am writing this post  for the first time it seems as Jenny and not 'ever weird'.
my previous posts , they weren't me, i felt pushed into having to be post every week with content that i didn't necessarily feel happy with, but because it was what seemed to be what others like; now dont get me wrong i love having people like what i'm writing but at the ends of the day if i'm not happy then why am i doing this? I made myself a promise to myself when i first started this blog and that was that i was going to write the things i loved and i seem to of somewhere along the lines of these past few months broken tht promise i made to myself, I started to feel that because i wasn't enjoying my content that it was like a chore when in reality it is just a fun hobby.

And so i found this on tumblr and it is indeed my new life motto:

I was putting on a persona that wasn't my own. It was a way of me losing myself and making myself how i believed would be better.

And this is where that all stops.
I'm no longer going to write like 'Ever weird' I'm going to write like Jenny Higgins on  blog called Ever weird whilst she sits in her room fangirling over youtubers and bands , texting her friends in the most disturbing / hilarious conversations ever, eating food (because who doesn't love food) and cuddling up with her unicorn pillow pet Irwin (as named by Me and Miss Lucy m. at my 13th birthday sleepover ).

Rember my first ever header, yeah that one with me doing an awful pout that was taken on an old pc in year 7 when i though i was so cool doing the duck face, lets just focus on My caption ( not the lack of capital letters in which annoys me so much) 'blogging from the perspective of a teenage fangirl' and thats Jenny Higgins. 
Not 'ever weird'

So heres to a new start of posts.
No schedule , no 'ever weird'.

Just Jenny.
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Keep smiling Daydreamers.


  1. I gave you that pillow pet miss higgins✋

  2. Jenny, I love what you wrote. Being original and being you is the best thing that you can do for your own self! Can't wait to see what you're going to write more :)

    1. Thank you so much Abreea, it means so much :)
      - Jenny x


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