This weird week #4

I know it's not Sunday. 
Shhhhh I haven't had internet all bank holiday except for Sunday morning at breakfeast and now , when I got home. 

Let's just say I've had a not so boring week but more of a 'lack of things to do that we're interesting enough to photograph , edit , upload and generally to let the whole word see' 

no'1 - I began the long long long long long read of the lord of the rings trilogy which is infact 1077 pages long with very , very small writing ; lets just say i won't have to buy a book for a while...

no'2 - i finally bought meet the vamps. yes i know bad jenny but my mum wanted it for the car and every time we went into a shop to buy it it was sold out. OMG WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO MEH?

no'3 - painted my nails feel the burn by leighton denny


no'5 - went to the coolest cinema ever , watched the muppets. it was pretty cool.
no'7-  Its a secret you'll find out soon
Suspense huh ?

Patience is a virtue my friends.

Keep Smiling Daydreamers