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 Hello daydreamers ,
todays post is literally just like a chit chat on general life updates.
If you are in England or follow me on basically all soccail media then you will know its finally the easter holidayes YEYEYEYEYEY.
I have about 4 posts to write this week alone :/ like the mac bb cream review which all i need to do is write about , the secret post that only sydnii knows about , finishing my picture look book (almost done ) and a few others i have up my sleve.
being the queen of procrastination means that this takes me 10x longer than your avredge humnan being.

I have also over the fast few weeks been out in the oh-so-gloriuos sun , which hardly ever appers in england so i apoligise for the lack of posts.
In addition to that you may know that once again company magazine are hosting the blogger awards and it would mean the world to me if you nominated everweird.blogspot.co.uk for best teen style blog , you can do so here - http://www.company.co.uk/magazine-hq/company-style-blogger-awards-2014 so if you want enless cyber invisibal marshmellos i would recomened nominating mwah.

SORRY for such a short post .
To end i shall leave you with this amazing poem type thing called skinny which may i add, is the most deep and amazing 9not forgetting true) thing i have ever seen / read.

I love my body.
We know that's a lie.Because I can't wear leggingsThey show my big thighs. I dont conform to society's rules!But it sure would be nice to look thin by the poolI'm tubby and proud I say out loudBut staring at my fat is not allowedI'll pull up my tights and wear baggy topsAnd Google how many calories are in lolipops. 
They say be healthy be happy and I am neitherBut I don't want to munch salad eithermy stomach is screaming for more than just leavesStuff me with chocolate and chips and cheese! The three dreaded c's where the calories are in the triple digits.
And satisfaction of scoffing is just so shortEven while you're munching there're those thoughtsthat dread of looking down and seeing a dome of my skinI'll eat broccli tomorrow, by next week I'll be thin.
And I know that everyone is beautifulA bit of tub doesn't matter at all!When I look at people I see their hopeTheir smiles, and happiness, how well they copewith loss and stress and illness and deathwhy do we obsess about beingskinny.
Arms and legs that you could snapa slender neck, a stomach that's flatGive me a jawbone, make me feather lightslice off some thickness and melt cellulite Oh make me a princess, a size zero fairyBut that just can't happen. Unless I give up dairy.Nothing tastes better than skinny feels.Tell that to my mouth as I greenify my meals.Maybe I'll go for a run today.Or maybe I'll eat ice cream until I feel okay.

Keep smiling daydreamers

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  1. Like the skinny poem hun - would be ace to have it with return spaces between the lines to make it easier to read - cant listen to it on Youtube as little one fast asleep next to me - enjoy your hols x


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