Mac prep + prime bb cream.

I have finally got round to writing this post.
The mac prep + prime bb cream (blemish balm) comes in an amazing packaging and setts itself out to be amazing.
It has SPF 35 so has been great for sunny days , but it only give little coverage as it is a 'prep and prime'.
However on a good skin day i can usually get away with just this and a some concealer.
I do believe , however that if you are looking for  a holiday / good for your skin tinted moisturizer than this is amazing.
I do not regret buying this product as it actually benefits your skin and leaves it feeling fresh and smooth , plus you could always use it just as a primer and add foundation on the top as it lasts longer than any other primer /tinted moisturizer / 
foundation i own.
As far as packaging goes mac has stole my heart once again.
The tube its self i think represents the bb cream as it has a smooth almost glowing like tube but with a matte lid as the final finishing of the product gives you a almost glowing matte and personally i think its amazing for spring / summer , to protect your skin , not give too much coverage and just make your skin look and feel so much better

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Keep smiling daydreamers 

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