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Hello daydreamers !

How have you all been?
Any way so today if you didn't guess from the title .
Is my monthly advertiser post.
Following my giveaway for my monthly advertising space i received over 140 entries and it seemed quite popular so i'm making it a monthly thing , so if you didn't win don't worry theres always next month !
The first EVER  'ever weirds wonderful advertiser ' is ....

Tutus and ballet shoes is an adorable little blog by a british teen blogger called Beverley.
The layout is just plain beautiful .
 Her posts are so well written and i just can't stop reading them , her book reviews have now made me accomodate around 15 books on my ever growing wish list  , she just started a new blog series called last week i  ; in which i will defiantly be keeping up with , She even has a youtube channel which again is amazing her editing is rather beautiful and i cannot stop but wonder how on earth this girl manages to post almost everyday some weeks , make youtube videos and read so many books.

Shes clearly Super Woman 

Also she takes part in the #bloggersdoitbetter challenge and many others , but #bloggersdoitbetter is close to my heart as a friend of mine actually came up with it and runs it!

What i'm trying to say is that i'm extremely happy to have her button on the side of my blog and call her my may advertiser !

So i hope you check here out here 


Keep smiling daydreamers 


  1. Awhh :') Thank you very much for saying all those lovely things about me. I'm definitely no superwoman! Haha!
    I'm so glad I found your blog and will definitely keep reading because I absolutely love it :)

  2. Replies
    1. i know , i try to post 2 times a week and fail miserably at that


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