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Hello daydreamers !

How have you all been?
Any way so today if you didn't guess from the title .
Is my monthly advertiser post.
Following my giveaway for my monthly advertising space i received over 140 entries and it seemed quite popular so i'm making it a monthly thing , so if you didn't win don't worry theres always next month !
The first EVER  'ever weirds wonderful advertiser ' is ....

Tutus and ballet shoes is an adorable little blog by a british teen blogger called Beverley.
The layout is just plain beautiful .
 Her posts are so well written and i just can't stop reading them , her book reviews have now made me accomodate around 15 books on my ever growing wish list  , she just started a new blog series called last week i  ; in which i will defiantly be keeping up with , She even has a youtube channel which again is amazing her editing is rather beautiful and i cannot stop but wonder how on earth this girl manages to post almost everyday some weeks , make youtube videos and read so many books.

Shes clearly Super Woman 

Also she takes part in the #bloggersdoitbetter challenge and many others , but #bloggersdoitbetter is close to my heart as a friend of mine actually came up with it and runs it!

What i'm trying to say is that i'm extremely happy to have her button on the side of my blog and call her my may advertiser !

So i hope you check here out here 


Keep smiling daydreamers 


This weird week #3

Hello daydreamers ,
its sunday .
Meaning that i actually got round to writing this weird week on the correct day.
But before all that,
Just take a moment.

During this moment if you like there is still time to nominate me for 'best teen style' for the company blogger awards here.
I know what your thinking, jen your a beauty and life blogger.

i'm a beauty and lifeSTYLE. blogger.
Any way if you would like to nominate me you can so here, here , here , here , here but not here.

Let us begin.
This weird week I :
Totally not obsessed with boybands or anything.

And, sydniis going to kill me.
But i sadly went back to school *cries*

The first ever #nbloggers went live.
It was rather fun. make sure you join in on wednesday.

I bought 2 candles, the prices one was from t.k.max and cost £1.99 and the orange one was from ikea for like 99p.
and they both smell rather amazing.

And drank an unhealthy amount of starbucks.

Also i have no photo but i actually met Gemma from touch of belle

So thats it for this week see you wednesday ish.

keep smiling daydreamers.


This weird week #2

Look , i promised okay. 
I don't care .
I'm posting this 3 days late.

Did i really just say yolo .
on my blog , i mean really.
Okay .

And after talking to herself over the power of a blog post Jennifer finally begins the actual post.

This week was all about one person . DADDY.

This week we took the dog to lake coniston and i captured the glorious moment of him hunting for his ball.

and here we have the birthday boy on his birthday getting excited about his badge.

we then had lunch at a lovley little cafe thingy called swallows and amazons

i also developed an obsession for mocha frappachinos.

i 'accidentally' bought another pair of dr martens. BUT THEY ARE WELLIES

I won at monoply.

And here we have my dad singing happy birthday to himself.

 i finally got round to cleaning and completely reorganizing my dressing table.
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I'm starting a new chat ! #nbloggers Wednesday 7-8pm
(A bit sudden of a start to a blog post , but i get bored of saying hello daydreamers)
yep , i decided to set up a brand new chat for new bloggers.
The thought of these blogger chats can be overwhelming with everyone talking about HTML , lighting , sponsorship.
So i decided to create a chat that's a bit , simpler shall we say.
Lucky , i have two lovely other co-hosts -
My first co-host I am extremely happy to announce is Karolina or also known as Brunette wavez. I cannot say how much i love her blog , i was super excited when she told me she would love to co-host ; even if you cannot make the chat be sure to follow her blog here .
My second co-host i am also super duper happy to announce its Gemma from touche of belle
Again its an amazing blog , she has a series called #bloggersdoitbetter and its so fun to read so make sure you go follow her and check out her blog as its worth it.

And if you are like sydnii, who cant make the chat i will be doing a weekly roundup of it all. 

be sure to check the twitter account @nbloggerschat to find out this weeks chat topic

Also , i am very sorry about the lack of posts this week , it has been my dads birthday .
And , if your wondering ; no i haven't already given up on this weird week its just that my laptop wont turn on so i cannot upload pictures so i will make sure to get that post up as soon as possible hopefully by wednesday).
Keep smiling daydreamers
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This weird week... #1

Hello Daydreamers !
so today i am introducing a brand new thing !!!!!!
WOW. Yes I Jennifer laura Higgins am doing a series.
This post will hopefully be done on sundays , but as i have been busy places with no wifi or even 3G.
Anyway lets get into the post.
*Warning pictures taken on an iphone*

No'1- I went to Nandos with my brother and dad and it was Amazing . I love nandos .

No'2- I went to the Trafford centre with my mum and had an amazing boost smoothie!

No'3 -we went to the beach-each yeah Lucy ,nameless and meeeee

No'3- I added to my wall of stuff.

No'4- the sun finally came out YEYEY

No'5- family dinner at a local restaurant called Mimmos .
I hoped you liked this post and keep smiling daydreamers x
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Mac prep + prime bb cream.

I have finally got round to writing this post.
The mac prep + prime bb cream (blemish balm) comes in an amazing packaging and setts itself out to be amazing.
It has SPF 35 so has been great for sunny days , but it only give little coverage as it is a 'prep and prime'.
However on a good skin day i can usually get away with just this and a some concealer.
I do believe , however that if you are looking for  a holiday / good for your skin tinted moisturizer than this is amazing.
I do not regret buying this product as it actually benefits your skin and leaves it feeling fresh and smooth , plus you could always use it just as a primer and add foundation on the top as it lasts longer than any other primer /tinted moisturizer / 
foundation i own.
As far as packaging goes mac has stole my heart once again.
The tube its self i think represents the bb cream as it has a smooth almost glowing like tube but with a matte lid as the final finishing of the product gives you a almost glowing matte and personally i think its amazing for spring / summer , to protect your skin , not give too much coverage and just make your skin look and feel so much better

P.s. Dont forget you can nominate me for best teen style blog here 

Keep smiling daydreamers 


General updates

 Hello daydreamers ,
todays post is literally just like a chit chat on general life updates.
If you are in England or follow me on basically all soccail media then you will know its finally the easter holidayes YEYEYEYEYEY.
I have about 4 posts to write this week alone :/ like the mac bb cream review which all i need to do is write about , the secret post that only sydnii knows about , finishing my picture look book (almost done ) and a few others i have up my sleve.
being the queen of procrastination means that this takes me 10x longer than your avredge humnan being.

I have also over the fast few weeks been out in the oh-so-gloriuos sun , which hardly ever appers in england so i apoligise for the lack of posts.
In addition to that you may know that once again company magazine are hosting the blogger awards and it would mean the world to me if you nominated everweird.blogspot.co.uk for best teen style blog , you can do so here - http://www.company.co.uk/magazine-hq/company-style-blogger-awards-2014 so if you want enless cyber invisibal marshmellos i would recomened nominating mwah.

SORRY for such a short post .
To end i shall leave you with this amazing poem type thing called skinny which may i add, is the most deep and amazing 9not forgetting true) thing i have ever seen / read.

I love my body.
We know that's a lie.Because I can't wear leggingsThey show my big thighs. I dont conform to society's rules!But it sure would be nice to look thin by the poolI'm tubby and proud I say out loudBut staring at my fat is not allowedI'll pull up my tights and wear baggy topsAnd Google how many calories are in lolipops. 
They say be healthy be happy and I am neitherBut I don't want to munch salad eithermy stomach is screaming for more than just leavesStuff me with chocolate and chips and cheese! The three dreaded c's where the calories are in the triple digits.
And satisfaction of scoffing is just so shortEven while you're munching there're those thoughtsthat dread of looking down and seeing a dome of my skinI'll eat broccli tomorrow, by next week I'll be thin.
And I know that everyone is beautifulA bit of tub doesn't matter at all!When I look at people I see their hopeTheir smiles, and happiness, how well they copewith loss and stress and illness and deathwhy do we obsess about beingskinny.
Arms and legs that you could snapa slender neck, a stomach that's flatGive me a jawbone, make me feather lightslice off some thickness and melt cellulite Oh make me a princess, a size zero fairyBut that just can't happen. Unless I give up dairy.Nothing tastes better than skinny feels.Tell that to my mouth as I greenify my meals.Maybe I'll go for a run today.Or maybe I'll eat ice cream until I feel okay.

Keep smiling daydreamers