Monthly favorites

Have i done one of these posts before?
I don't know but now ..... ITS GONNA BE A THING.
Yes that's right ladies and gentleman i am committing to a monthly post .... 
for the first time in forever *sings frozen*.

Number 1- mac prep and prime bb cream. There will be a review coming up about this bb cream but i can honestly say it is the best one i have ever used, EVER. 
Plus when i got it i got a free makeover from the lovely lady in mac who then also told me that i had amazing eyelashes and i should be a mascara model ......

number 2 - Now what kind of fan would i be if i did not include the she looks so perfect ep.
i'm so proud of 5sos or 5 seconds of summer because i joined the 'fandom' in 2012 when not a lot of people knew about them and i watched them go to number 1 in the charts globally . VERY PROUD FANGIRL.

number 3 - The sun.
Yes march has brought smiles to the faces of England as the sun is slowly , slowly reappearing in our sky meaning that of course, i go outside more , take more outfits , and we all have amazing natural lighting - win , win.

number 4 - And last but not least you guys.
the feed back i got from my last post was amazing and over whelming. i was quite nervous about it as it was very embarrassing stories but you guys liked it and the positive feed back really made me feel good about myself and the blog as i have recently been feeling that it was just a waste of time but you guys proved me wrong. here are some of the messages i got that cheered me right up -

I do love you daydreamers.
What are your favorite things from this month 

Keep smiling .
I love you all , your support and lovely comments mean everything to me 


  1. Lovely idea for a post! Haven't gotten my hands on any MAC products yet but I've heard some good things about this. I'm into my Clinique products lately! xx

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

    1. Yes i defiantly recommended it i only own a few mac products but they are all amazing quality.
      Thank you for reading & commenting it means alot ♥


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