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I'm finally hosting a give away.
To celebrate 300 bloglovin followers (THANKS GUYS) i decided to host a giveaway.
I have been thinking about doing advertising for a while now on my blog and decided that i wanted to do at the moment a free space for a month every month.
The winner will get :

  • A free space on the side bar of my blog :)
  • A post about your blog on my blog.
  • And most likley a new fan .( MEEE)

This will be a monthly thing (i hope) so i hope you all win and good luck ! 

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Monthly favorites

Have i done one of these posts before?
I don't know but now ..... ITS GONNA BE A THING.
Yes that's right ladies and gentleman i am committing to a monthly post .... 
for the first time in forever *sings frozen*.

Number 1- mac prep and prime bb cream. There will be a review coming up about this bb cream but i can honestly say it is the best one i have ever used, EVER. 
Plus when i got it i got a free makeover from the lovely lady in mac who then also told me that i had amazing eyelashes and i should be a mascara model ......

number 2 - Now what kind of fan would i be if i did not include the she looks so perfect ep.
i'm so proud of 5sos or 5 seconds of summer because i joined the 'fandom' in 2012 when not a lot of people knew about them and i watched them go to number 1 in the charts globally . VERY PROUD FANGIRL.

number 3 - The sun.
Yes march has brought smiles to the faces of England as the sun is slowly , slowly reappearing in our sky meaning that of course, i go outside more , take more outfits , and we all have amazing natural lighting - win , win.

number 4 - And last but not least you guys.
the feed back i got from my last post was amazing and over whelming. i was quite nervous about it as it was very embarrassing stories but you guys liked it and the positive feed back really made me feel good about myself and the blog as i have recently been feeling that it was just a waste of time but you guys proved me wrong. here are some of the messages i got that cheered me right up -

I do love you daydreamers.
What are your favorite things from this month 

Keep smiling .
I love you all , your support and lovely comments mean everything to me 



Hello guys it is March 18th meaning that it is the official national awkward moments day.

So i thought it would only be right. Dare i say it, share with you guys. some of my awkward moments.
And no , no not just the daily awkwardness i call life.
So sit back , relax and cringe at my daily life. As if you didn't do that already....

As you can see in the picture above of me and my brother , when i was a kid i was not scared of anything.
Well 5 year old poor innocent Jennifer you shall never walk near a emu again after that picture because it bit  you and you ran through the zoo screaming and nearly fell on a elderly lady.
Well done kid.

Now , why am i about to share this one with the internet its not really awkward more embarrassment but hey ho.
I once forgot my skirt ...
 to school.
I can hear the multiple faceplams, 
'Jen how do you forget your skirt to school' 
Well ladies and gentleman , it was a cold winters morning and 8 year old jennifer higgins decided to embrace the warmth of her bed and stay in there until about 10 minutes before she had to set out for school , in a hurry she put on her tights shirt and extremely long coat she looked in the mirror checked her hair and ran out the door. 
only when she got to school and went to take her coat off. Her best friend Lucy noticed the disaster dragged her in the classroom got  Jennifers shorts , got all the girls to stand around Jenny  in the classroom and find a teacher. 
Oh no , it gets worse ....
Jennifer's mother brings a skirt and all is fine until . SHE TELLS EVERYONE SHE SEES AND KNOWS.

and that was a day i will never forget.

Another one of my awkward moments probably has happened to everyone at some point but for me its at least 4 times everyday. Being the idiotic person i am , i tend to scream at the top of my voice and dance around stupidly and yes its all really really funny until you walk into someone or offended someone or just hit either nameless or sydnii by accident . AND THE MOMENT IS RUINED. everyone stops laughing and you are the most HORRIBLE person in the world and the stares of the people around you get worse to the point where you just kind of fall of the chair, get stuck on a door , walk into a teacher , fall flat on your face etc the everyday embarrassment of being a 13 fangirl , blogger and queen of stupidity .

I hope you enjoyed reading about a few of many many many of my embarrassing moments and embrace the day and laugh at your own embarrassing moments .

Do you have any common embarrassments ?
Whats your worst embarrassing story / moment ?

Keep smiling daydreamers 



As you can probably guess from the title of this post i am going to tell you guys about Glam St.
Glam St is a new website designed to allow you to feel comfortable buying makeup online.
This is such a cute idea, you can either choose a model or upload a picture of your self and then tell them your skin tone , eye color , hair color etc... to allow them to recommend the perfect products for you and then also to test the makeup on so you don't have to go to a shop.

Also i think it would be great as a sneaky photo shopping tool.

After trying on the various shades and brands you can either save it for later or add it to your basket and then buy it !
And if you just want to go on there to have a play with different combinations of makeup and you like the final look you can click a little button that shows you the products you used , you can also share the image with the other people on the sight looking for inspiration

The process is quick and easy and allows you to try out new looks and be brave something i have been trying out a lot lately, going for things i wouldn't usually go for and it seems to be working quite well.

I think the one thing i would say as advice for you if your going to use the website is don't put everything on at once because it can limit the amount of it you can see of the product and really who does that in a shop?
my experience -
( before and after)
on a model i used -
foundation- Dolce & Gabbana - the foundation perfect finish creamy foundation in caramel 110
concealer - Benefit cosmetics - fake up concealer
finishing powder- Bobbi Brown - brightening finish powder in brightening nudes
Blush- Naked - flushed
Mascara - clinique high impact mascara in brown /black.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it allowed you to find out about this awesome website.
GLAM ST- http://www.glamst.com
*This was a sponsored by brand backer post and i am a discalmer so all opinions are my own 
Keep smiling daydreamers