Tie it up , braid it down , wear your hair like a crown

Tie it up , braid it down , wear your hair like a crown - yes the topic I want to talk to you guys about today is .... Hair . 

I personally don't like my hair as it's. Too short for my liking and too thick. On the other hand I am very lucky to have naturally volumised hair and it makes it easier to style it down .

I wanted to talk to you guys and just have a general chit chat about hair colouring and what you guys think looks good and what just isn't worth ruining your hair for . My favrouite dyed hair women would have to be perrie Edwards as she just has beautiful hair or helon melon lady simply because they just suit bright vibrant colours .

But recently Demi lavato went .... 

This beautiful color whooooo.
Anyway I think you have to be careful what you wear with coloured hair as something's would look awful whereas natural hair I think looks good with anything anyway comment below your favrouite hair styles , braids and even hair inspirations . Let's just have a little chitchat