A Ramble.

365 days.
Thats one year.
Around 8765 hours.
525949 minuites.
And no time to waste.
in the past few months i have come to realise that life is about grabbing the Bull by the horns, or unicorn by the horn if you like, and taking chances , risks, enjoying every moment.

 You have one life to live. Make the most of it. Don't be the Girl/Guy thats sits there in 20 years time and regrets not doing something, being too lazy at school or spending too much time on school work and no time on focusing on being you.

After my last blog post Just Jenny, i've been being more me. Making more friends and focusing on the little things in life, for example Autumn. You never take time to notice how the leaves fall in groups so elegantly and beautifully, or how conkers sit and wait ever so patiently for a kid to pick it up and experiment with the different ways to make it the single handedly most indestructible thing ever. Nature is such a beautiful thing when you look at it closely and i can't help but feel upset for the poor thing when i realise that young people my age care more about their looks and how many likes they get on instagram than nature and its beauty. We care more about how we look at school due to our self conscious minds that have been brain washed by makeup companies , celebrity and the people around us that to be pretty we have to wear makeup. I'm not saying that that fact is going to make me or anyone else for that matter stop wearing makeup because its a fun thing to do, its like painting only with your face, i'm just trying to say that its sad. Our grandmas would have been killed for wearing some of the stuff people our age wear now a days and its the fact that these types of clothes on young people are being considered sociably acceptable that worries me.

If you follow me on twitter then you'll of come to realise i'm utterly and completely indulged in the world of bands and music at the moment ,alike the majority of other 13 year old girls, but being in love with them isn't all about seeing their concerts , buying their music or wanting to marry them. Its about that passion you find in fingerling and falling in love with them that just overwhelms you and makes you feel like there is nothing better in the world then being with people or tweeting people that love that music and them as much as you do.

In this post I'm not saying by any means there is anything wrong with my generation or that anything should change with my generation I'm just trying to say that things have in fact changed an insane amount over the past and this post was simply written today as i realised that young people are massive time wasters and that we SHOULD be going out instead of sitting at home on our computers but thats not how society works in this day and age. This post was just an brainwash i had. A thought that passed through my mind, this post isn't going to change me or anyone in this generation we are happy and to me grabbing the unicorn by its horn is just being happy. 

Love , Jenny.


Nice Nails*

Hi Daydreamers.
Today i would like to Introduce you all to TDL nail designs (https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/TDLNailDesign) 

 TDL nail designs is a small etsy shop that make nail decals
The shop make custom decals if you wanted to get some for a birthday party , they also have extremely cute designs that are so easy to apply and look so cute.
Also... Theres a giveaway at the bottom of the post.....

 Now , as well as desing that nail wheel, i designed my own Decal,its a little panda with headphones  and its cool purpley bluey  that YOU guys can win.

Also if you use the code EVERWEIRD at the check out you can get 15% off any decals you like


Just Jenny.

Hey daydreamers.
Image from Tumblr
I'm back after a very long time.
Have i been busy ? 
Was i Ill ?
Did i want to stop blogging ?
I was having a long hard think.
At the moment there is nobody who i 'hate' or have fallen out with .
My school life is currently as awesome as school can get, everyones all smiley and happen and it appears that this may finally be the start of a happy time at school (touch wood) with everyone growing out of the whole lets all take the mickey out of the girl with the weird eyes who talks too much stage.
My home life is awesome .
My whole life is awesome.
My life as Jenny Higgins is awesome. 
These past few months i have grown closer to people who i didn't even know existed last year but can make me incredibly happy.
One of these people being Gemma, Talking to Gemma and meeting her in person every week seems have to made me realise that i'm not being me in my blog.
So I am writing this post  for the first time it seems as Jenny and not 'ever weird'.
my previous posts , they weren't me, i felt pushed into having to be post every week with content that i didn't necessarily feel happy with, but because it was what seemed to be what others like; now dont get me wrong i love having people like what i'm writing but at the ends of the day if i'm not happy then why am i doing this? I made myself a promise to myself when i first started this blog and that was that i was going to write the things i loved and i seem to of somewhere along the lines of these past few months broken tht promise i made to myself, I started to feel that because i wasn't enjoying my content that it was like a chore when in reality it is just a fun hobby.

And so i found this on tumblr and it is indeed my new life motto:

I was putting on a persona that wasn't my own. It was a way of me losing myself and making myself how i believed would be better.

And this is where that all stops.
I'm no longer going to write like 'Ever weird' I'm going to write like Jenny Higgins on  blog called Ever weird whilst she sits in her room fangirling over youtubers and bands , texting her friends in the most disturbing / hilarious conversations ever, eating food (because who doesn't love food) and cuddling up with her unicorn pillow pet Irwin (as named by Me and Miss Lucy m. at my 13th birthday sleepover ).

Rember my first ever header, yeah that one with me doing an awful pout that was taken on an old pc in year 7 when i though i was so cool doing the duck face, lets just focus on My caption ( not the lack of capital letters in which annoys me so much) 'blogging from the perspective of a teenage fangirl' and thats Jenny Higgins. 
Not 'ever weird'

So heres to a new start of posts.
No schedule , no 'ever weird'.

Just Jenny.
Image from google images

Keep smiling Daydreamers.


This weird week #4

I know it's not Sunday. 
Shhhhh I haven't had internet all bank holiday except for Sunday morning at breakfeast and now , when I got home. 

Let's just say I've had a not so boring week but more of a 'lack of things to do that we're interesting enough to photograph , edit , upload and generally to let the whole word see' 

no'1 - I began the long long long long long read of the lord of the rings trilogy which is infact 1077 pages long with very , very small writing ; lets just say i won't have to buy a book for a while...

no'2 - i finally bought meet the vamps. yes i know bad jenny but my mum wanted it for the car and every time we went into a shop to buy it it was sold out. OMG WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO MEH?

no'3 - painted my nails feel the burn by leighton denny


no'5 - went to the coolest cinema ever , watched the muppets. it was pretty cool.
no'7-  Its a secret you'll find out soon
Suspense huh ?

Patience is a virtue my friends.

Keep Smiling Daydreamers 


Ever weirds Wonderful advertiser | May ♥

Hello daydreamers !

How have you all been?
Any way so today if you didn't guess from the title .
Is my monthly advertiser post.
Following my giveaway for my monthly advertising space i received over 140 entries and it seemed quite popular so i'm making it a monthly thing , so if you didn't win don't worry theres always next month !
The first EVER  'ever weirds wonderful advertiser ' is ....

Tutus and ballet shoes is an adorable little blog by a british teen blogger called Beverley.
The layout is just plain beautiful .
 Her posts are so well written and i just can't stop reading them , her book reviews have now made me accomodate around 15 books on my ever growing wish list  , she just started a new blog series called last week i  ; in which i will defiantly be keeping up with , She even has a youtube channel which again is amazing her editing is rather beautiful and i cannot stop but wonder how on earth this girl manages to post almost everyday some weeks , make youtube videos and read so many books.

Shes clearly Super Woman 

Also she takes part in the #bloggersdoitbetter challenge and many others , but #bloggersdoitbetter is close to my heart as a friend of mine actually came up with it and runs it!

What i'm trying to say is that i'm extremely happy to have her button on the side of my blog and call her my may advertiser !

So i hope you check here out here 


Keep smiling daydreamers 


This weird week #3

Hello daydreamers ,
its sunday .
Meaning that i actually got round to writing this weird week on the correct day.
But before all that,
Just take a moment.

During this moment if you like there is still time to nominate me for 'best teen style' for the company blogger awards here.
I know what your thinking, jen your a beauty and life blogger.

i'm a beauty and lifeSTYLE. blogger.
Any way if you would like to nominate me you can so here, here , here , here , here but not here.

Let us begin.
This weird week I :
Totally not obsessed with boybands or anything.

And, sydniis going to kill me.
But i sadly went back to school *cries*

The first ever #nbloggers went live.
It was rather fun. make sure you join in on wednesday.

I bought 2 candles, the prices one was from t.k.max and cost £1.99 and the orange one was from ikea for like 99p.
and they both smell rather amazing.

And drank an unhealthy amount of starbucks.

Also i have no photo but i actually met Gemma from touch of belle

So thats it for this week see you wednesday ish.

keep smiling daydreamers.


This weird week #2

Look , i promised okay. 
I don't care .
I'm posting this 3 days late.

Did i really just say yolo .
on my blog , i mean really.
Okay .

And after talking to herself over the power of a blog post Jennifer finally begins the actual post.

This week was all about one person . DADDY.

This week we took the dog to lake coniston and i captured the glorious moment of him hunting for his ball.

and here we have the birthday boy on his birthday getting excited about his badge.

we then had lunch at a lovley little cafe thingy called swallows and amazons

i also developed an obsession for mocha frappachinos.

i 'accidentally' bought another pair of dr martens. BUT THEY ARE WELLIES

I won at monoply.

And here we have my dad singing happy birthday to himself.

 i finally got round to cleaning and completely reorganizing my dressing table.
 photo jjjjj_zpse63fe5a9.jpg



I'm starting a new chat ! #nbloggers Wednesday 7-8pm
(A bit sudden of a start to a blog post , but i get bored of saying hello daydreamers)
yep , i decided to set up a brand new chat for new bloggers.
The thought of these blogger chats can be overwhelming with everyone talking about HTML , lighting , sponsorship.
So i decided to create a chat that's a bit , simpler shall we say.
Lucky , i have two lovely other co-hosts -
My first co-host I am extremely happy to announce is Karolina or also known as Brunette wavez. I cannot say how much i love her blog , i was super excited when she told me she would love to co-host ; even if you cannot make the chat be sure to follow her blog here .
My second co-host i am also super duper happy to announce its Gemma from touche of belle
Again its an amazing blog , she has a series called #bloggersdoitbetter and its so fun to read so make sure you go follow her and check out her blog as its worth it.

And if you are like sydnii, who cant make the chat i will be doing a weekly roundup of it all. 

be sure to check the twitter account @nbloggerschat to find out this weeks chat topic

Also , i am very sorry about the lack of posts this week , it has been my dads birthday .
And , if your wondering ; no i haven't already given up on this weird week its just that my laptop wont turn on so i cannot upload pictures so i will make sure to get that post up as soon as possible hopefully by wednesday).
Keep smiling daydreamers
 photo jjjjj_zpse63fe5a9.jpg


This weird week... #1

Hello Daydreamers !
so today i am introducing a brand new thing !!!!!!
WOW. Yes I Jennifer laura Higgins am doing a series.
This post will hopefully be done on sundays , but as i have been busy places with no wifi or even 3G.
Anyway lets get into the post.
*Warning pictures taken on an iphone*

No'1- I went to Nandos with my brother and dad and it was Amazing . I love nandos .

No'2- I went to the Trafford centre with my mum and had an amazing boost smoothie!

No'3 -we went to the beach-each yeah Lucy ,nameless and meeeee

No'3- I added to my wall of stuff.

No'4- the sun finally came out YEYEY

No'5- family dinner at a local restaurant called Mimmos .
I hoped you liked this post and keep smiling daydreamers x
 photo jjjjj_zpse63fe5a9.jpg