Jumpers with Jumpsuits

Hi everyone!
Today's post is all about how I style a traditionally summer night time classic- the Jumpsuit - to suit a/w trends including some trainers that will blow your mind!


Pumas n Purple || OOTD #1

Have I mentioned how excited I am for aw17? The cozy candles, PSLS (the infamous pumpkin spice lattes are back people), jumpers, acceptable lazy days, hot chocolate and all that fun stuff !!

I am just  so so so obsessed with knitted jumpers and coats and not having to fake tan or shave our legs as regularly as the dreaded dress and skirt seasons of summer and spring! Can you guys tell that I'm excited?!


Where I've been // the first of Fashion Fridays.

I'm pretty sure those of you have been following 'ever weird' for a while now are probably sick to death of me coming online and leaving for a year and then coming back again, but heres another.
During the past year i've been doing my GCSE's ( in which i achieved 6 A's and 3 B's ) so i wanted to focus all my attention on my exams. After my exams i wanted nothing more but to come back to blogging, and trust me when i tell you that my overview on blogger is filled with so many completed posts that i've been too self conscious to post because I didn't feel that they were good enough so I refused to post them. I also felt that I've grown out of this blog and that 'ever weird' isn't really me anymore but after months of trying to find a better suited name i've given up so here i am back again. 

I have recently started my first year at college and i am studying Fashion & Clothing which i am SO excited about! I love blogging and I love fashion so I hope that I can get Ever Weird running again. 

Anyway, to celebrate the new chapter of ever weird, i am introducing Fashion Fridays which I hope I will actually stick too !!

Sorry about the awful iPhone quality, I'll work on the whole camera situation soon!

This is the first of my new series of Fashion Fridays and in this outfit i am wearing my trusty matte black docs, some tights, an embroidery skirt as well as my turtle neck jumper which are both from primark.
I am still obsessed with this embroidery trend and really hope it stays through with winter but for now this is my take on the transition from summer into autumn.
Thanks for reading and if your still here from the start of Ever Weird thank you so much for sticking by the blog !

XO - Jenny


What I wore | Berlin Basics.

Jeans- Zara // Shoes- office // Jumper - Primark // Coat- Michael Kors // Bag- Michael Kors
sassy yellow lanyard// courtesy of the school trip 

Berlin was a dream, but packing light meant basic packing meaning everything matched and pretty much everyday became my monochrome Monday. My go's to for the week tended to be Vests , Jumpers , Jeans and my oh-so-typical Adidas superstars and grey high top converse- i mean, i did warn you it was basic.
On the one day where I actually remembered to take photos I had a bit of spice in my outfit with a dusty blush-ish kind of pink Turtle neck jumper which channelled my inner autumn vibes.
I also feel like we need to take a moment and talk about the colour of these trees because yes please!!!

p.s. Mocks are over and sixth form applications are in so I'm back WOOOO, you didn't think you could get rid of me that easily did you?